Photographing sparklers!

Sparklers can keep people entertained for hours, and photographs of sparkler writing and drawings scratched out in the night air can make great pieces of art. But can you do it with success without being a professional photographer or photo editor? It’s actually not that hard if you follow a few easy steps:

  1. Have everything you need – You’ll need a camera with a long exposure mode and a tripod or flat surface for the camera to rest on. This is necessary because a long exposure time means the shutter of the camera stays open for several seconds. If you’re just holding the camera it can result in a shaky, blurry picture.
  2. Gather your fireworks – Come in to one of our locations to choose the longer 20” or 36” sparklers rather than the standard 10” variety. The bigger ones burn for several minutes giving you more opportunities to set up and orchestrate your shot.
  3. Take your shot – You want the camera to be far enough back so that there’s room to move the sparkler around. If you’re writing words, remember to write them backwards so the camera captures the mirror image that will read correctly. Set your aperture of f/8 and the shutter speed to 30 seconds. When you’re ready, have the sparkler writer move their hand in a continuous, controlled, smooth motion until the shot has been taken.
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