Don’t let fireworks mishaps happen

Accidents happen. It’s true when it comes to life in general but also true with fireworks. Understanding how and why these firework-related injuries happen will help you protect yourself and your kids while continuing to enjoy the thrill fireworks bring to any festivity.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some statistics and advice: Continue reading

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How to make up for your lame efforts in Valentine’s Days past

Alright, you’ve got just one week left to plan that perfectly romantic surprise for your sweetheart. If you’ve already done the candy, roses and jewelry to death, or worse – YOU’VE DONE NOTHING in the past few years – a fireworks display is just the answer you’re looking for to make a date night or romantic dinner extra special. Continue reading

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Wedding finale with fireworks

After months of planning, preparing, getting nervous, freaking out, then finally walking down the aisle and celebrating your marriage with family and friends, you deserve a big finale to the big day.

We guarantee that nothing will make a statement like fireworks!

Wedding sparklers are a GREAT way to have everyone send you off, but imagine running through a tunnel of people holding sparkling lights and then, “BOOM” A big finale starts when you get to the car and are about to drive away. We get chill bumps just thinking about it! Continue reading

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Bachelor parties + fireworks = a match made in heaven

Bachelor parties can be tricky. You get a bunch of guys together who want to have fun and go a little crazy without getting in TOO MUCH trouble, especially with the bride-to-be. Continue reading

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You don’t want a boring wedding send-off, do you?

Bird seed, rice, flower petals. Ehhh. Those are the traditional ways to send a bride and groom off into their new life together.

In our opinion, they’re also boring, messy and lackluster when it comes to the in-person and photographic effect.

What do we recommend instead? Sparklers!!! And not just any sparklers. Specially formulated ones that are made specifically for weddings. Continue reading

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Store extra fireworks; don’t throw them away!

Did you get a little too ambitious for your New Year’s Eve fireworks extravaganza this year? Even though we had fantastic warm and dry weather, there are only so many hours in a night.

So many fireworks, so little time, right? Continue reading

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Let Super Show make you a Superhero!

Want to be the hero of this year’s neighborhood New Year’s Eve party? There a simple way to do it!

Come in to any of our three locations and let us help you pick out the perfect fireworks to orchestrate a spectacular fireworks show! We are experts at this AND we can work with any budget.  Continue reading

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